The Purge of Light

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First Adventure

Johnny and Divina arrived in the Kingdom of Light, a xenophobic country full of religious zealots. Here they are contacted by Crasus Moore, a rich noble and member of a secret society. One of Crasus’s duties as a member of this society was to guard an important necklace. However, while he was in the country of Fuczol his daughter was kidnapped, and they demanded the necklace for ransom. Without the knowledge or permission of the society he transported the necklace to Fuczol. Fortunately however, the kidnapping was ultimately thwarted by local authorities. But then when transporting the necklace back to the Kingdom of Light his caravan was attacked by goblins and the necklace stolen.

Crasus hired Johnny and Divina to recover the necklace and his people. They used a crazed squirrel with sunlight cast on it to distract the goblins and entered undetected through a sewer pipe. They killed many goblins and saved the captives. They acquired a magic chalice the goblins stole from a holy site to the north. The goblet causes whoever drinks from it to tell the truth. It can effect any number of creatures if they drink from it willingly, or one unwilling target, DC 20 will save. However talking to some of Crasus’s people they learned that Crasus would most likely try and kill them to cover up his loss of the necklace and that troops were most likely on the way. There were grateful prostitutes among the captives that gave them directions to escape.

Second Adventure

Johnny and Divina attempted to evade pursuit. They found that the magic items Crasus had given them had tracking spells on them and were forced to abandon them. They narrowly evaded their pursuers under cover of night. They skirted a trading post and accosted and old man whom they got some information out of. Then headed south and found a small town.

They were greeted by an old man sitting on a rocking chair named Hogni. Johnny gave Hogni a fur blanket. Hogni was nice and provided information but was really setting them up to be murdered by his friend’s cousin who was an evil necromancer. Johnny and Divina then went to a local bar, here the barman and the waitress were spreading wild rumors about mysterious killings to hopefully increase their profits. They were told where to find a homeless drunk that might know the truth of the killings. They found him in a graveyard and were attacked by a Black Skeleton, then got information and a lot of insane ramblings so it was difficult to determine what was real and imagined. The tiny magic unicorn Gregory was found to be imagined.

Upon returning they found that soldiers had come looking for them as they were now wanted men. They took refuge in with Hogni’s friend Thorkel who led them to a hidden room. The hidden room had a hidden compartment full of crawling hands. They learned that Thorkel was working with his cousin Chikuri to secretly murder them. Johnny and Divina explored and found a system of underground tunnels from many years ago, including Chikuri’s lab, a cesspool and a church to Old Luck, a tamer aspect of the God of Death and Madness. They found a very special dagger, a lot of skeletons, Divina was driven mad, they found 6000 gold, and a magic rod that strips the flesh off of bones.

Johnny was able to defeat Chikuri easily and get a cure for Divina’s madness. They then set about finding a bag of holding to keep all their newly found money. They found a local drug dealer who was using the bag of holding to distill the fumes from the 150 pounds of sheep manure he was keeping in it. They were able to get the bag and escape before the authorities raided the drug dealer’s residence. While testing what was in the bag the 150 pounds of sheep poo ended up covering Chikuri’s bedroom.

The pair then left under cover of night and headed further South, and were able to cross the border into Fuczol without further incident. Eventually they stopped in the country of Brandass to stay the night.

Third Adventure

Johnny and Divina, having decided not to venture into the ultra cool underground city of the dead, possibly out of a perfectly rational fear of death and madness, found themselves in the very racist Brandass, a province of Fuczol. Here Johnny woke up to find Divina arrested for murder. With his new friend Gos, they set about trying to prove her innocence.

They found a stainless steel dildo, gave an old man a fatal heart attack, met some interesting shop keepers, made a fortune teller run screaming into the night, and tracked a ring to a family of lawyers.

Learned 1-2 possibilities, that the killings were commited by a werewolf named Cal, who worked at the guard house, or that the killings were commited by the guards on troublemakers who then framed nonhumans. These may possibly be related.

Either way it was determined that Divina would probably not get a fair trial and they had no proof so it was decided to break her out. They used mage hand, a light spell, and a large pet rat named Steve to distract the guards long enough for them to get into the prison. During the break out they also released several dwarves that claimed to be wrongly imprisoned, a man they found the guards savagely beating, and Divina’s cell mates Ying and Yang. Divina was sucked into the necklace during the escape for reasons unknown.

The group then took a carriage all the way to Fuczol.

Fourth Adventure

The group is staying at a bed and breakfast outside of Fuczol. Ying and Yang decided that they needed to “rebalance their chi.” While they were doing this Gos and Johnny had breakfast, they also looked through the bag of loot that Ying had obtained from the guard house, inside they found Rueben. Gos found Rueben to be very suspious, there was vomiting involved also. Rueben decided to join them.

After breakfast and cleaning up they exited to find that the city of Fuczol was actually on an island in the middle of a massive lake. They met Mandy, a Fuczol travel coordinator. Travel to Fuczol was extremely expensive, and they were offered an alternate way to get there by dealing with a band of lake trolls. In the lair of the lake trolls they found a vase containing the spirit of Professor Yoda Gloomblossum, who is very grateful and joins the group. Then they fought a giant snapping turtle.

House Rules

1. No Ponykin.

2. The white necromancer ability Rebuke Death does double healing when applied inside the body. This requires 2 fingers inserted into the butt up to the knuckle. Creatures with out buttholes cannot benefit from this extra healing.

3. Casters can recover spells by resting during the day. Each time they do this it takes twice as long as the previous time, up to 8. 1 > 2 > 4 > 8

4. Spells have real world effects. For example a fire spell will ignite oil or set things on fire.

Fuczol Laws

1. City Limits is defined as both the city itself, as well as the lake. The area around the lake for 10 miles is also part of the city but is referred to as the outskirts.
2. No Ponykin -
No beastiality
No equine animals(horses, mules, donkey, unicorns, etc) within city limits, magic, living, dead or artificial.
No hybrid humanoid equine races such as centaurs.
Ungulates are dealt with on a case by case basis.
Hybrid monsters such as hippocampus and hippogryphs are allowed, however they require a special permit and are not permitted within the city walls.
3. The bodies of all creatures that die within city limits are considered to be property of the crocodile men and should be brought to the liason office.
4. The bodies of all people that die within city limits are considered to be property of the crocodile men and should be brought to the liason office.
5. Further feeding the crocodile men is not restricted but is not advised.
5. All nonresidents entering Fuczol require a travel permit.
6. Damaging the guide ropes is punishable by death.
7. Loitering on a Tuesday is punishable by death.
8. The laws of the provinces do not apply within city limits unless the court wants them to.

Active Quests

Overall quests
Do something with this crazy orb thing?
Evade the Brandass authorities
Evade the Kingdom of Light’s authorities
Evade the secret organization that Crasus works for

Liason office quests
Get rid of the Anatoppopadochalus
Success !

Full fill a discrete request
In Progress

Obtain the Cube

Learn about artifacs

Provide a funny joke to Shopkeeper’s aunt, who runs a lingerie shop

Rescue Reginald, the high end clothing and jewelry shopkeeper’s cousin who has been cursed with immortality and is in the belly of a dragon

Obtain a wendigo corpse for a scholar

NPC's of Fuczol

Owner of a Jewelry store in Brandass, has a very attractive daughter he is having difficulty marrying off

Owner of a jewelry store in Brandass, thinks that Johnny is really, really funny

Owner of a high end clothing and jewelry store in Fuczol, homosexual, like Ruben

Owner of a lingerie shop in Fuczol, female, looking for funny jokes

Clerk at the Liason office of a university in Fuczol, black sheep of family, goal is to gain so much influence that he can buy and sell universities, believes Johnny to be a witch, very wary of curses and hexes. Superstitious. Mother supports him due to the incredible possibilities in the unlikely event that he should he succeed.

Reginald, cursed with immortality, inside the belly of a dragon


Other Npc’s
Old lady, works in the external affairs office of a university

Clerk at liason office, extremely obese and lazy

Duso, shopkeeper of Crazy Tim’s Werewolf Prevention Service, a silver shop

Mandy, Fuczol Traveler coordinator and sometimes travel shopkeeper, doesn’t like Ying, her father is the curator of the Fuczol University museum, painfully happy and upbeat

Fuczol Colloquialisms
The mace was in the other asshole on that one
basically the shoe is on the other foot

Up to the elbow, ie: He took it up to the elbow on that one.
This is a shortening of the phrase, “backed me up against the wall and rammed a morning star(or mace, craftsmen and workers have been known to use the tools of their trade, such as hammer, saw or awl) up my ass to the elbow”

Variations of these phrases are believed to date back all the way to the time of Daxus Highwall, and were cemented in their current form due to holiday celebrations over the victory of Hylon Highwall over Gosford Park. Since the king’s signature item is the Mace of Diplomacy, favorable negotiations took on some interesting imagery among the common peoples.

Originally a word meaning untrustworthy and deceitful, it later became a racial slur against centaurs. Today it is interchangeable with Thug.

Originally meaning one that has sex with horses, then changed to mean a weakling or one that takes punishment, later it came to also infers that one gains sexual likes this punishment. It now means deviant of a sexual nature.

Dyrad's Tear

They are believed to be in the possession of a decendant of Laboca. This woman is a priestess of a fanatical religious sect very far to the North. They are known by the few people that have escaped their raids and the disfigured bodies they have sacrificed to their bizzare religion.

Appearance – The apperance is well documented in art, song and verse. Most describe them as being made of pure amber from a Gigant tree(a treant that a dryad uses as her home tree, these were created by the orb during the black leaves war), with five tiny sapphire beads hanging off of them. There are 2 rings. It is a matter of conjecture how they were originally worn. Artists have depicted them as being on the nose, nipple, ear, ear lobe and every finger even the thumb. Some have even shown them to be on the limbs of a tree branch carried by the Dryad Queen Luarai.

Powers – Wearer gains Fast Healing 5 for each ring they have on them, may speak with plants or speak with animals at will. The rings are thin enough to be put on any location a piercing or ring could go. Including nipples, genitals, nose, ears and brows so do not use up a magic item slot. Once a year, each of the sapphires can cast true resurrection.


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