The Purge of Light

The New Guys

A kingdom to the south called Stanstan, which is a province of Fuczol, had it’s princess kidnapped along with it’s sacred treasure, by an evil wizard. James, Garron and Treyce’s new characters and some number of others were hired by the king of Stanstan, Manstan IV, to rescue her and recover the artifact. Fuczol is providing financial support for this venture, so the reward is considerable. The king has also sent along a clerk and some hired hands with wagons and oxen to help with traveling and expenses.

It is known that the evil wizard, Meglar, resides in the Yellow Castle of Horrors, which is beyond the Swamp of Confusion. Unfortunately due to the magic surrounding it the Swamp of Confusion can only be found by the mad. The only person the party could find who might know where it is was a psychotic clown and his carnival of assassins. After a gruesome and quite frankly trite and stupid adventure, during which all other members of the party met horrific yet pleasantly peppermint scented deaths, the group was able to get the location of the swamp from Boditibobo the Merry Disemboweler.

How long you guys have been together and what you’re actually doing in the group is up to you
Now shorthanded, they will run into Johnny on their way to the swamp……

The Orb of Eternity

This item was obtained in the Forbidden Realm by the Paladin Laboca. It is extremely powerful but also extremely difficult to use. It’s powers are not well understood but involve melding things together. Known feats it has performed

Combined a number of dryad and their trees together, merged their souls together and created an invincible siege ram.

Created several races and species, including the Gigants, a combination of dryads and treants, Squoles, and Taddols. Also several of the animal/humanoid hybrid races such as catfolk and ratkin have imagery of objects like the orb of eternity in their creation myths and legends and may also be the product of this artifact.

At least one mountain reduced to rumble by a meteor is said to have been restored using the orb.

There are reports of it sealing dimensional holes and portals by melding the edges together from credible sources but details on this are not available.

It has at multiple times been able to change the species or gender of a creature. All of these cases have been consensual and require a living or dead subject to merge with.

Was once used to create an army of super golems by merging people with stone bricks. Similar applications have been achieved with crystal, metal, wood and blood.

The method to actually utilize these abilities is not well understood either.
Some spellcasters have been able to use trial and error, experimentation and practice to produce some effects. This is however both random and dangerous. There have been inhibitor devices created to allow the trial and error to occur without causing any form of calamity.

The one issue with knowledge of how to use the orb is that this knowledge cannot be conveyed to others in any way. Even notes will make perfect sense to the writer but appear as gibberish to anyone else.

Other items such as a the Calamity Cube have been created to allow one ease of access to certain abilities. These items must of course be created by a creature with the knowledge they allow someone to achieve.

The orb has, seemingly randomly, imparted knowledge of it’s abilities to certain lucky individuals, in these cases even those with no spell casting or other abilities have been able to use the orb.

While the orb was recovered from the Forbidden realm it is not native to it and has been to our world before. It may be the originator of all hybrid races and the source of combination magic entirely.

The Dark Spike

Origin – This was originally a magic stone nail/stake created by the Stonehead people.
The Dark Spike was one of these which was modified by Guruhrlporklavorpus

Appearance – The Dark Spike is a large black nail that glows black and purple.

Powers – The Dark Spike will destroy anything it is driven into. However doing this reliably requires the companion item, The Void Hammer. It is extremely dangerious to use the nail without it. Using this in combat is completely impossible, hammering in the nail takes all of a creatures concentration, strength and focus. It succeeds automatically against any nonmagical structure or item. Indestructible objects, artifacts, divinely protected items, some magic items and living creatures get a fortitude save.

The Dark Spike is in the possession of a rich noble in a province to the east. The Void Hammer is believed to have been lost in the lake surrounding Fuczol during an attempted siege and was never recovered.

There were originally multiple dark spikes, but most are believed to have been destroyed or taken to the forbidden realm.
There are other powers the nail has been observed to exhibit. But are otherworldly and it is not known how to use them. Guruhrlporklavorpus was able to use them to pin reality in place, tunnel holes into other worlds and even create portals across the world.

There is also a seedy bar off the beaten track which features a dark spike.

The Tower of Power

This actually refers to a series of siege weapons created by the Elven family Arglebosh.
The first 6 were siege towers, each featuring various magic upgrades such as energy fields, levitation, flight, and fireball launchers. There were used about 800 years ago and were all destroyed on the battlefield.

The next 13 were small castles that could be teleported over enemy walls. Used 400 years ago. There are believed to be 2 still intact. 1 is kept by the family the other is inside a castle far to the south, it was abandoned after a failed siege, it’s teleporter is believed to be no longer functional.

After this a large number of magic tubes which would simply launch warriors over castle walls. The design was supposed to enchant the flyer with a magic spell that would guide them to their target and protect them from enemy projectiles as well as the impact. Unfortunately they were never particularly successful and were converted to catapults. The family was able to recover their prestige with a series of springboard folding towers that could launch a warrior onto castle ramparts and another version that could be attached to the bottom of boots.

After this the kingdom the Arglebosh’s lived in experienced an unprecedented era of peace which left them out of a job. Half the family switched to construction and is still doing well. The other half chaffed from their loss of status and began experiments into impossible super weapons and insane plots to incite conflict. This other side of the family would eventually be destroyed, but not before completing their greatest creation. Information is somewhat sparse on this, a scholar in an elven kingdom would likely know more.

There are 4 sections of the Tower of Power. Each one is a standalone tower itself that can be snapped onto the others. Each one provides a different effect, when they are all together the effects are enhanced. Towers are 4 feet tall and weight 100 pounds.

1 – The Tower of Iron – This Tower looks like a thin, vertical weapon rack, when someone reaches for the weapon that would be on it they will pull out that weapon of the size the welder desires, up to large. If all towers are together this weapon will be masterwork. Weapons cannot be enchanted or enhanced by any means besides the tower of the forge but are otherwise normal. The tower can create 100 weapons every 24 hours.
This Tower is most definitely in the possession of an orog warlord named Gimble, and he is using it to wage war against his neighbors, he is based in a plain far to the east on the other side of a mountain range.

2 – The Tower of Life – This Tower is made of pure white ivory. There are small fountains on the side. Any number of creatures can get all the water they need from these pools. If all towers are together the water also acts as cure light wounds up to 100 times a day.
This Tower is believed to be in the possession of an Elven Kingdom to the east.

3 – Tower of the Wall – This tower is made of large stones like a castle wall. There are is a slit in the wall. From this the user can produce a grappling hook attach to a rope of any length desired, a ladder of any length desired, or a plank of any length desired. The tower can produce 500ft of material a day. If all the towers are together then the objects can be made of chain or metal(user’s choice). This one includes instructions on the side in elven.
This tower is also in the possession of Gimble.

4 – Tower of the Forge – This Tower is made of iron, and has what looks like a waterfall of lava flowing down it always. If a weapon is placed in the lava fall then it will gain a +1 enhancement bonus for 24 hours. If all sections are together this bonus increases to +2. If the weapon is from the Tower of Iron this enhancement bonus will be permenant. It can enhance up to 10 weapons a day.
This Tower was actually in the possession of Fuczol until 80 years ago when it was lost during a battle with a Kingdom called Alberton, which has since been absorbed into Fuczol but the Tower was never recovered and it’s location is unknown.

When ownership of the towers is contested, all the of those contesting are transported “inside” the tower where they must compete in a survival game to reach the end. Whoever gets to the end first will gain possession.

There is a legend that an otherworldly artifact of incredible power is actually hidden inside the Tower of Iron. It was hidden away there because of the incredible danger it poses.

Crystal Worm

The item was brought back by Laboca from the forbidden realm. But there is strangely no mention of it’s use during the War of the Black Leaves or afterward. It vanished from historical record almost immediately after Laboca’s return. The only lead to it’s whereabouts is a story told by the Stonehead people, who everyone consider mad.

Appearance – The Worm appears much like a purple worm made of crystal, and about 2 feet long.

Powers – Crystal Worm has 3 modes Assassin, digger, mount.
It can be upgraded with a certain item to gain a 4th mode and be able to burrow through dimensions/reality

Gregor's Horn

This one is actually many things.

1200 years ago there was a Dwarf named Urist Oharnan, who was known to all as Gregor for some reason. He was extremely wealthy and a great inventor and wizard. He built a giant metal horse and then brought it to life with magic. This horse was the size of an elephant, had horns, a poison stinger on the end of it’s tail and is rumored to have been able to project your parents disappointment from it’s eyes. This horse was used to guard his daughter from her many suitors.

At some point in time later a young dwarf wizard inventor created the Orphan Orb, this amplified his orphan status and made him immune to the horse’s eye rays. He also made a giant metal unicorn with which he challenged the horse for the daughter’s hand in marriage.

The ensuing battle, which ended in a draw, leveled 3 popular restaurants, a distillery and ruined the annual cheese festival. During this time, one of the horns was embedded in the leg of a beloved dwarf statue used for the bare foot cheese stomp, which was for some reason made of solid granite. They were unable to pry it loose so it had to be cut off.

Afterward the metal horse, whose name was Rockwell, was given to the manager of the cheese festival in the settlement for damages. He used it to guard his secret family recipe for blu goo cheese potatoes for the next 350 years. This continued until his grandson’s wedding, when a jilted lover proclaimed to all that the secret ingredient was asparagus. After this the horse was sold to the military, where it was used to great effect during a war with a marauding horde of orcs. However during a fateful battle the horse was damaged and went completely wild. It rampaged through the mountains and plains for many years until it was destroyed by a warrior, who was coincidentally named Gregor, that no one cares about, as he had been cursed to never receive recognition for any of his heroic deeds, of which he had many for his time. After this he melted down the horse into instruments and his party became a very successful 5 piece brass band of musicians. Gregor himself played the tuba.

The horn embedded in the statue’s leg remained there for 700 years. A dragon, who was believed to be lactose intolerant, attacked the cheese festival. During the attack a magical accident occurred and wild magic was unleashed. The statue and horn, melted by dragon fire and blasted with otherworldly magical energies reacted to create the second Gregor’s Horn, which was known as Gregor’s Golden Horn, even though it was silver and a guitar, due to a colloquialism of the time. This item caused anyone that heard it to crave cheese. It was obtained by a cheese merchant of questionable ethics, and after his attempts to use it to increase his sales destroyed a civilization, the Horn was hidden away in a vault whose location has thankfully been lost to time. With hope the world will never see ravaging hordes of cheese zombies again.

The young dwarf inventor ultimately won the hand of Urist/Gregor’s daughter and went on to great fame. However later financial problems led him to sell his metal unicorn as a floor piece/advertiser/ salesman for Hatfield’s Haberdashers, a successful chain of hat shops, and he has since become their mascot. It is known as Happy Hattie, the dappercorn.

The third Gregor’s Horn has nothing to do with any of the others.
There was a young boy named Gregory who lived in a remote village nessled between two mountains. He was often picked on even though he worked very hard to be taken serioulsy. One thing he wanted most of all was to be called Gregor, but everyone just laughed and called him Gregory. One day he found some old ruins and inside was a enormous horn which blasted the users words at enormous volume. Positioning himself outside the town, he screamed, “My name is Gregor!”. The corridor between the mountains amplified the blast, shattering the ear drums and leaving the town in ruins. He was beaten to death and the horn destroyed, but no one ever dare call him Gregory ever again.

Afterwards the horn was reforged into a helmet. It is in the possession of an orc mercenary/bandit currently wanted by the Fuczol authorities.

Appearance – A Blue metal helm with a large upward curved horn in the forehead.
Powers – This helmet, known as Gregor’s Horn, gives the wearer +10 to any saves vs deafening effects or anything that impairs his hearing, +10 to perception for hearing, does not take sleep penalites to hearing based perception dc’s, and grants 15 sonic resistance.

The fourth Gregor’s Horn is mentioned in texts 2000 years ago, but there is no other information available.

Mace of Diplomacy

This is a national treasure of Fuczol. It is actually in a display case inside a vault in the king’s home. It is carried by the King to negotiations with other countries or when he is at war. It is sometimes given as a symbol of authority to leaders to help them in specific tasks.
Legend says that the mace was taken from an enemy general that was also a great demon.
Appearance – A giant ornate mace, the inley and trim is made in a sparkling jade like material. The rest appears like gold, but is actually a strange metal called Dwarven Bronze whose creation is lost to history.
Powers – +5 Two Handed Mace(greatclub, but only needs simple weapon proficiency) with +5 +3d6 Bane against People that Disagree with you

The 3 Fuczol universites

Highwall University, where Ruben nailed the old lady. Established by Regina Highwall, is an ancient institution of knowledge. It’s primary focus these days is to serve the kingdom, court and crown. To this end many of it’s scholars are nobles and does a lot of local research and polls as well as history.

Gregor Park Memorial Library – Established by Hylon Highwall as a place for the public to learn. It is run by the remnants of the Park family after the civil war caused by Gosford Park. Originally but a library and center of knowledge it has grown into a massive establishment. They have the largest museum for a thousand miles, a series of libraries, a school, classes and more. The Parks believe firmly in knowledge for knowledge sake, and would continue to fund the institution even if it never made a penny, but have never had to worry since the inception of the museum and research services which bring in considerable revenue. They will also fund bizarre research, and employ those others would think mad. The ideas created by their think tanks have amazing results, but often from unusual methods.

Daxus Highwall Center of Learning – Established by, obviously, Daxus Highwall as a neutral meeting place for negotiations. He made it available to everyone as a protected neutral ground for people at odds to come together, which helped to decrease discord and strife in the chaotic time he ruled under. The first treaties struck with the crocodile men were here.
As a place for people with opposing viewpoints to speak, debates that would otherwise not be possible occurred often. Soon philosophers and men of learning would be called in to arbitrate disputes. Eventually the free exchange of ideas and stable of scholars led to the creation of a school.
The Center of learning specializes in practical matters and training for middle/upper class skilled workers. They are THE place for many artisans and scholars to get their education. They also have the best negotiater/diplomatic training course known outside of Highwall University. The two are famous rivals in this regard.
The school also has a diehard selection of theorists and philosophers left over from it’s early days.

Dyrad's Tear

They are believed to be in the possession of a decendant of Laboca. This woman is a priestess of a fanatical religious sect very far to the North. They are known by the few people that have escaped their raids and the disfigured bodies they have sacrificed to their bizzare religion.

Appearance – The apperance is well documented in art, song and verse. Most describe them as being made of pure amber from a Gigant tree(a treant that a dryad uses as her home tree, these were created by the orb during the black leaves war), with five tiny sapphire beads hanging off of them. There are 2 rings. It is a matter of conjecture how they were originally worn. Artists have depicted them as being on the nose, nipple, ear, ear lobe and every finger even the thumb. Some have even shown them to be on the limbs of a tree branch carried by the Dryad Queen Luarai.

Powers – Wearer gains Fast Healing 5 for each ring they have on them, may speak with plants or speak with animals at will. The rings are thin enough to be put on any location a piercing or ring could go. Including nipples, genitals, nose, ears and brows so do not use up a magic item slot. Once a year, each of the sapphires can cast true resurrection.

NPC's of Fuczol

Owner of a Jewelry store in Brandass, has a very attractive daughter he is having difficulty marrying off

Owner of a jewelry store in Brandass, thinks that Johnny is really, really funny

Owner of a high end clothing and jewelry store in Fuczol, homosexual, like Ruben

Owner of a lingerie shop in Fuczol, female, looking for funny jokes

Clerk at the Liason office of a university in Fuczol, black sheep of family, goal is to gain so much influence that he can buy and sell universities, believes Johnny to be a witch, very wary of curses and hexes. Superstitious. Mother supports him due to the incredible possibilities in the unlikely event that he should he succeed.

Reginald, cursed with immortality, inside the belly of a dragon


Other Npc’s
Old lady, works in the external affairs office of a university

Clerk at liason office, extremely obese and lazy

Duso, shopkeeper of Crazy Tim’s Werewolf Prevention Service, a silver shop

Mandy, Fuczol Traveler coordinator and sometimes travel shopkeeper, doesn’t like Ying, her father is the curator of the Fuczol University museum, painfully happy and upbeat

Fuczol Colloquialisms
The mace was in the other asshole on that one
basically the shoe is on the other foot

Up to the elbow, ie: He took it up to the elbow on that one.
This is a shortening of the phrase, “backed me up against the wall and rammed a morning star(or mace, craftsmen and workers have been known to use the tools of their trade, such as hammer, saw or awl) up my ass to the elbow”

Variations of these phrases are believed to date back all the way to the time of Daxus Highwall, and were cemented in their current form due to holiday celebrations over the victory of Hylon Highwall over Gosford Park. Since the king’s signature item is the Mace of Diplomacy, favorable negotiations took on some interesting imagery among the common peoples.

Originally a word meaning untrustworthy and deceitful, it later became a racial slur against centaurs. Today it is interchangeable with Thug.

Originally meaning one that has sex with horses, then changed to mean a weakling or one that takes punishment, later it came to also infers that one gains sexual likes this punishment. It now means deviant of a sexual nature.


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