The Purge of Light

NPC's of Fuczol

Owner of a Jewelry store in Brandass, has a very attractive daughter he is having difficulty marrying off

Owner of a jewelry store in Brandass, thinks that Johnny is really, really funny

Owner of a high end clothing and jewelry store in Fuczol, homosexual, like Ruben

Owner of a lingerie shop in Fuczol, female, looking for funny jokes

Clerk at the Liason office of a university in Fuczol, black sheep of family, goal is to gain so much influence that he can buy and sell universities, believes Johnny to be a witch, very wary of curses and hexes. Superstitious. Mother supports him due to the incredible possibilities in the unlikely event that he should he succeed.

Reginald, cursed with immortality, inside the belly of a dragon


Other Npc’s
Old lady, works in the external affairs office of a university

Clerk at liason office, extremely obese and lazy

Duso, shopkeeper of Crazy Tim’s Werewolf Prevention Service, a silver shop

Mandy, Fuczol Traveler coordinator and sometimes travel shopkeeper, doesn’t like Ying, her father is the curator of the Fuczol University museum, painfully happy and upbeat

Fuczol Colloquialisms
The mace was in the other asshole on that one
basically the shoe is on the other foot

Up to the elbow, ie: He took it up to the elbow on that one.
This is a shortening of the phrase, “backed me up against the wall and rammed a morning star(or mace, craftsmen and workers have been known to use the tools of their trade, such as hammer, saw or awl) up my ass to the elbow”

Variations of these phrases are believed to date back all the way to the time of Daxus Highwall, and were cemented in their current form due to holiday celebrations over the victory of Hylon Highwall over Gosford Park. Since the king’s signature item is the Mace of Diplomacy, favorable negotiations took on some interesting imagery among the common peoples.

Originally a word meaning untrustworthy and deceitful, it later became a racial slur against centaurs. Today it is interchangeable with Thug.

Originally meaning one that has sex with horses, then changed to mean a weakling or one that takes punishment, later it came to also infers that one gains sexual likes this punishment. It now means deviant of a sexual nature.



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