The Purge of Light

The Tower of Power

This actually refers to a series of siege weapons created by the Elven family Arglebosh.
The first 6 were siege towers, each featuring various magic upgrades such as energy fields, levitation, flight, and fireball launchers. There were used about 800 years ago and were all destroyed on the battlefield.

The next 13 were small castles that could be teleported over enemy walls. Used 400 years ago. There are believed to be 2 still intact. 1 is kept by the family the other is inside a castle far to the south, it was abandoned after a failed siege, it’s teleporter is believed to be no longer functional.

After this a large number of magic tubes which would simply launch warriors over castle walls. The design was supposed to enchant the flyer with a magic spell that would guide them to their target and protect them from enemy projectiles as well as the impact. Unfortunately they were never particularly successful and were converted to catapults. The family was able to recover their prestige with a series of springboard folding towers that could launch a warrior onto castle ramparts and another version that could be attached to the bottom of boots.

After this the kingdom the Arglebosh’s lived in experienced an unprecedented era of peace which left them out of a job. Half the family switched to construction and is still doing well. The other half chaffed from their loss of status and began experiments into impossible super weapons and insane plots to incite conflict. This other side of the family would eventually be destroyed, but not before completing their greatest creation. Information is somewhat sparse on this, a scholar in an elven kingdom would likely know more.

There are 4 sections of the Tower of Power. Each one is a standalone tower itself that can be snapped onto the others. Each one provides a different effect, when they are all together the effects are enhanced. Towers are 4 feet tall and weight 100 pounds.

1 – The Tower of Iron – This Tower looks like a thin, vertical weapon rack, when someone reaches for the weapon that would be on it they will pull out that weapon of the size the welder desires, up to large. If all towers are together this weapon will be masterwork. Weapons cannot be enchanted or enhanced by any means besides the tower of the forge but are otherwise normal. The tower can create 100 weapons every 24 hours.
This Tower is most definitely in the possession of an orog warlord named Gimble, and he is using it to wage war against his neighbors, he is based in a plain far to the east on the other side of a mountain range.

2 – The Tower of Life – This Tower is made of pure white ivory. There are small fountains on the side. Any number of creatures can get all the water they need from these pools. If all towers are together the water also acts as cure light wounds up to 100 times a day.
This Tower is believed to be in the possession of an Elven Kingdom to the east.

3 – Tower of the Wall – This tower is made of large stones like a castle wall. There are is a slit in the wall. From this the user can produce a grappling hook attach to a rope of any length desired, a ladder of any length desired, or a plank of any length desired. The tower can produce 500ft of material a day. If all the towers are together then the objects can be made of chain or metal(user’s choice). This one includes instructions on the side in elven.
This tower is also in the possession of Gimble.

4 – Tower of the Forge – This Tower is made of iron, and has what looks like a waterfall of lava flowing down it always. If a weapon is placed in the lava fall then it will gain a +1 enhancement bonus for 24 hours. If all sections are together this bonus increases to +2. If the weapon is from the Tower of Iron this enhancement bonus will be permenant. It can enhance up to 10 weapons a day.
This Tower was actually in the possession of Fuczol until 80 years ago when it was lost during a battle with a Kingdom called Alberton, which has since been absorbed into Fuczol but the Tower was never recovered and it’s location is unknown.

When ownership of the towers is contested, all the of those contesting are transported “inside” the tower where they must compete in a survival game to reach the end. Whoever gets to the end first will gain possession.

There is a legend that an otherworldly artifact of incredible power is actually hidden inside the Tower of Iron. It was hidden away there because of the incredible danger it poses.



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