The Purge of Light

The Orb of Eternity

This item was obtained in the Forbidden Realm by the Paladin Laboca. It is extremely powerful but also extremely difficult to use. It’s powers are not well understood but involve melding things together. Known feats it has performed

Combined a number of dryad and their trees together, merged their souls together and created an invincible siege ram.

Created several races and species, including the Gigants, a combination of dryads and treants, Squoles, and Taddols. Also several of the animal/humanoid hybrid races such as catfolk and ratkin have imagery of objects like the orb of eternity in their creation myths and legends and may also be the product of this artifact.

At least one mountain reduced to rumble by a meteor is said to have been restored using the orb.

There are reports of it sealing dimensional holes and portals by melding the edges together from credible sources but details on this are not available.

It has at multiple times been able to change the species or gender of a creature. All of these cases have been consensual and require a living or dead subject to merge with.

Was once used to create an army of super golems by merging people with stone bricks. Similar applications have been achieved with crystal, metal, wood and blood.

The method to actually utilize these abilities is not well understood either.
Some spellcasters have been able to use trial and error, experimentation and practice to produce some effects. This is however both random and dangerous. There have been inhibitor devices created to allow the trial and error to occur without causing any form of calamity.

The one issue with knowledge of how to use the orb is that this knowledge cannot be conveyed to others in any way. Even notes will make perfect sense to the writer but appear as gibberish to anyone else.

Other items such as a the Calamity Cube have been created to allow one ease of access to certain abilities. These items must of course be created by a creature with the knowledge they allow someone to achieve.

The orb has, seemingly randomly, imparted knowledge of it’s abilities to certain lucky individuals, in these cases even those with no spell casting or other abilities have been able to use the orb.

While the orb was recovered from the Forbidden realm it is not native to it and has been to our world before. It may be the originator of all hybrid races and the source of combination magic entirely.



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