The Purge of Light

The New Guys

A kingdom to the south called Stanstan, which is a province of Fuczol, had it’s princess kidnapped along with it’s sacred treasure, by an evil wizard. James, Garron and Treyce’s new characters and some number of others were hired by the king of Stanstan, Manstan IV, to rescue her and recover the artifact. Fuczol is providing financial support for this venture, so the reward is considerable. The king has also sent along a clerk and some hired hands with wagons and oxen to help with traveling and expenses.

It is known that the evil wizard, Meglar, resides in the Yellow Castle of Horrors, which is beyond the Swamp of Confusion. Unfortunately due to the magic surrounding it the Swamp of Confusion can only be found by the mad. The only person the party could find who might know where it is was a psychotic clown and his carnival of assassins. After a gruesome and quite frankly trite and stupid adventure, during which all other members of the party met horrific yet pleasantly peppermint scented deaths, the group was able to get the location of the swamp from Boditibobo the Merry Disemboweler.

How long you guys have been together and what you’re actually doing in the group is up to you
Now shorthanded, they will run into Johnny on their way to the swamp……



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