The Purge of Light

The Dark Spike

Origin – This was originally a magic stone nail/stake created by the Stonehead people.
The Dark Spike was one of these which was modified by Guruhrlporklavorpus

Appearance – The Dark Spike is a large black nail that glows black and purple.

Powers – The Dark Spike will destroy anything it is driven into. However doing this reliably requires the companion item, The Void Hammer. It is extremely dangerious to use the nail without it. Using this in combat is completely impossible, hammering in the nail takes all of a creatures concentration, strength and focus. It succeeds automatically against any nonmagical structure or item. Indestructible objects, artifacts, divinely protected items, some magic items and living creatures get a fortitude save.

The Dark Spike is in the possession of a rich noble in a province to the east. The Void Hammer is believed to have been lost in the lake surrounding Fuczol during an attempted siege and was never recovered.

There were originally multiple dark spikes, but most are believed to have been destroyed or taken to the forbidden realm.
There are other powers the nail has been observed to exhibit. But are otherworldly and it is not known how to use them. Guruhrlporklavorpus was able to use them to pin reality in place, tunnel holes into other worlds and even create portals across the world.

There is also a seedy bar off the beaten track which features a dark spike.



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