The Purge of Light

The 3 Fuczol universites

Highwall University, where Ruben nailed the old lady. Established by Regina Highwall, is an ancient institution of knowledge. It’s primary focus these days is to serve the kingdom, court and crown. To this end many of it’s scholars are nobles and does a lot of local research and polls as well as history.

Gregor Park Memorial Library – Established by Hylon Highwall as a place for the public to learn. It is run by the remnants of the Park family after the civil war caused by Gosford Park. Originally but a library and center of knowledge it has grown into a massive establishment. They have the largest museum for a thousand miles, a series of libraries, a school, classes and more. The Parks believe firmly in knowledge for knowledge sake, and would continue to fund the institution even if it never made a penny, but have never had to worry since the inception of the museum and research services which bring in considerable revenue. They will also fund bizarre research, and employ those others would think mad. The ideas created by their think tanks have amazing results, but often from unusual methods.

Daxus Highwall Center of Learning – Established by, obviously, Daxus Highwall as a neutral meeting place for negotiations. He made it available to everyone as a protected neutral ground for people at odds to come together, which helped to decrease discord and strife in the chaotic time he ruled under. The first treaties struck with the crocodile men were here.
As a place for people with opposing viewpoints to speak, debates that would otherwise not be possible occurred often. Soon philosophers and men of learning would be called in to arbitrate disputes. Eventually the free exchange of ideas and stable of scholars led to the creation of a school.
The Center of learning specializes in practical matters and training for middle/upper class skilled workers. They are THE place for many artisans and scholars to get their education. They also have the best negotiater/diplomatic training course known outside of Highwall University. The two are famous rivals in this regard.
The school also has a diehard selection of theorists and philosophers left over from it’s early days.



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