The Purge of Light

Dyrad's Tear

They are believed to be in the possession of a decendant of Laboca. This woman is a priestess of a fanatical religious sect very far to the North. They are known by the few people that have escaped their raids and the disfigured bodies they have sacrificed to their bizzare religion.

Appearance – The apperance is well documented in art, song and verse. Most describe them as being made of pure amber from a Gigant tree(a treant that a dryad uses as her home tree, these were created by the orb during the black leaves war), with five tiny sapphire beads hanging off of them. There are 2 rings. It is a matter of conjecture how they were originally worn. Artists have depicted them as being on the nose, nipple, ear, ear lobe and every finger even the thumb. Some have even shown them to be on the limbs of a tree branch carried by the Dryad Queen Luarai.

Powers – Wearer gains Fast Healing 5 for each ring they have on them, may speak with plants or speak with animals at will. The rings are thin enough to be put on any location a piercing or ring could go. Including nipples, genitals, nose, ears and brows so do not use up a magic item slot. Once a year, each of the sapphires can cast true resurrection.



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